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"We bake everything we sell here at the bakery in Blackrock. At Gluttony we only use the best ingredients in our bakery work - like Free Range Eggs, proper Gold papered Butter, top grade Chocolate and we monitor and manage our ingredient chain heavily. The bakery is a completely wheat-free environment. We don't buy any part-finished items in from other sources and we don't use pre-blend flour mixes - instead we mix our own ratios on site developed over 11 years of play & experimentation which in conjunction with recipe and a little control (sometimes trickery) produces a much better result than the norm. All our flour mixes are tested and certified to < 10ppm i.e. GLUTEN FREE by correct definition. But the interesting thing? mostly our customers don't even realise this...most of our customers enjoy our baked goods on equal terms whether they are highly sensitive Coeliac's or regular joe's (like me)" - Martin

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