If you are affected by more serious medical dietary issues such as Coeliac disease one of your main concerns is knowing that the foods you eat are Gluten-Free definitively!
Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 lays down rules requiring the mandatory labelling for all foods of ingredients such as gluten-containing ingredients, with a scientifically proven allergenic or intolerance effect. In order to be able to legally sell foods labelled as Gluten-Free the following applies:
"A)  General requirements GLUTEN-FREE The statement ‘Gluten-Free’ may only be made where the food as sold to the final consumer contains no more than 20 mg/kg of Gluten"
At Gluttony Bakery we operate a completely Wheat Free & Gluten-Free environment. All supplied ingredients used at the bakery have individual certificates to show they are legally Gluten-Free and we operate full HACCP protocol at the bakery. Furthermore we feel it's important for us to officially test and demonstrate proof that Gluten levels present in our own base recipes are to acceptable standards. So we also have our base mixes tested AFTER the baking process at the bakery- this testing is carried out by the same official reference Laboratories the HSE uses to validate Gluten content. 
We are proud to say that all Gluttony base mixes are measured at less than 10 mg/kg of Gluten present! 
The most recent testing results for our core mixes are provided here as follows for your reference:

Gluttony Bread Mix Testing Data