Our Policies

24 Hour notice required when ordering a cake

As we bake every cake from scratch @GluttonyBakery we require a reasonable notice period to fulfil your order. We don't keep any cakes in stock at the bakery. Officially we have set this as 24 hours notice on any of our cakes offered for sale on the website. If you have a cake emergency :) you can phone the bakery directly on 01-2170849 to see if there is a possibility for a shorter turnaround

NOTE: currently we do not work on Sundays at the bakery- that means if you need a cake for collection on Monday you must place your order latest on the Saturday prior!


Sorry but we do not as yet have a delivery capability, that means you call to the bakery to collect!

Unfortunately this is necessary at present, we are just starting out in business and as yet don't have sufficient dough (pardon the pun) in the bank to put a delivery van on the road but that will happen as we gain more happy customers! We cannot use 3rd party couriers (e.g. Deliveroo) mainly due to the risk of allowing someone else handle our goods before they get to you (Gluten-Free, cross contamination possibilities etc.) Bear with us, as soon as we build up the business with more happy customers and we can make a van delivery economically viable we will offer delivery to your door!

Return of goods

Regretfully we can never take back an item AFTER it has been collected from the bakery. This is simply because if the item has left our bakery we cannot assure it's integrity in terms of possible cross contamination. This does not affect your rights for refund should there ever be a dispute because we fail in some way to provide an item which accurately as described or advertised.

Resale of goods

Regretfully at this time we cannot offer our baked goods on the basis of purchase for resale. 

At present we don't provide a Business To Business sales channel and are not currently insured or warrantied for that.For example Joe has a market stall where he sells Gluten Free items, Joe buys 10x or our Lemon Drizzle loaves at the counter @GluttonyBakery on Friday and places them for sale on his market stall on Saturday. We @GluttonyBakery cannot support this scenario. We cannot be responsible for the integrity of products when sold on by a 3rd party. This is simply because apart from the usual concerns once the item has left our bakery we cannot assure it's integrity to the end customer at this time in terms of possible cross contamination during transportation, handling etc. by a 3rd party.